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KTP was founded in 2007 to develop the export of Clinker and Cement around the world with the concentration in Middle East, East Africa and South East Asia. To meet the needs of customers in Clinker and cement market, to supply the construction sector with the right material at the right time with the best price is our ultimate goal. We are committed to balance the clinker supply and demand via exporting the surplus where it is best required. As an international trading company, KTP maintains branch offices around the Globe; we are in Oman, Hong Kong, Dubai, Turkey, and representative offices in Sydney, Australia in order to provide peace of mind for our customers to guaranty the constant supply. KTP is your most reliable procurement and supply chain connection in construction industry.


The organizational structure of KTP is designed in a dynamic way to meet the requirements of the customer; we are highly customer oriented and the flexible organization of KTP allows to arrange everything according to the needs of the customer and necessities of the construction sector.

The employees of KTP work 24/7 and they are just a click away to reach in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Every employee in KTP is a shareholder and so they are fully reliable and responsible.


Trade activities of KTP has been organized in three regions, Middle East is the hub with the head quarter in Tehran, Oman, East Africa and East Asia based in Hong Kong. In parallel with our core process which is provision of Clinker, we are specialized in shipping services to better serve the clients.

We have a 12 years of shipping references with over 200 track record of shipping dry bulk cargo to Middle East and East Asia, all these secure the end user from any worries in timely delivery of cargo. KTP is mainly dealing with clinker and cement, but also trading granulated blast furnace slag, gypsum, limestone, white cement, oil well cement and all other dry bulk cargo needs of the cement industry.

Considering the well organized and customer oriented structure of KTP as well as the branch offices around the Globe, KTP delivers optimum and custom-made solutions regardless of time and location.


“To be the world’s most reliable and efficient provider of cementitious for the needs of construction sector around the Globe.”

* Efficient logistics and international shipping of bulk material is one of the core activities of KTP.

* Our key strategic strength: Export of commodities and logistical experiences.

* Our offices around the world and the finance

By using our unique shipping expertise to further enhance our logistical capabilities and deliver full set of products to any location in the world in the most efficient way

By continuing to expand our international network of suppliers and customers to ensure we have the flexibility to rapidly adapt to major industry and markets shifts

By optimizing the worldwide flow of goods to offer customers the best solutions for their needs

Key Strategic Strength = Global purchasing & negotiation leverage

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide Clinker, Cement and Gypsum exactly according to our promise to all customers. We have the determination to develop, discover, and accomplish our commitment.


We are proud of making a win-win situation, We appreciate our customers’ requirements and we materialize.

Spirit of a Reliable Provider

We focus on being a very reliable provider and we save every opportunity to materialize a real provider spirit.

Respect & Reliability

We are considerate in all our trades, and are responsible for our decisions and arrangements

Our Products

How we add value:

Customer Solutions

We contribute a deep understanding of each product we trade, sourcing and delivering exactly what each customer requires. Consistently, reliably and competitively. We maintain one-to-one relationships with our customers so we can anticipate their needs, provide adaptive solutions and support their growth. provide adaptive solutions and support their growth.


Our >250 charters per year and 3 decades’ experience in seaborne transport of cementitious and dry bulk materials, ensure customized, cost effective and timely deliveries to our customers. We charter and manage Handymax, Supramax and Panamax vessels on voyage and time charters, providing operational support around the clock. operational support around the clock.


We source from suppliers across Asia Pacific. To further cater to customers’ needs, we are growing our geographical reach, deepening our presence in existing markets and investing in opportunities in new markets.